2017 Jamboree Food Team Documents

The latest version of the ConOps (Concept of Operations):

2017-10-09 Food Team portion of CONOPS (as delivered at 2017 Jamboree) – FINAL

2017-05-14 Food Team portion Logistics CONOPS Rev 170109

The latest version of the Food Team Org Chart:

2017-05-25 Jamboree Food Team Org Chart

The latest version of the Run-of-Show:

2017-05-14 Food Team Run of Show

PCI Training Documents

Jamboree PCI Training

Jamboree PCI Training Acknowledgement Form

Program Hazard Analysis sheets – Safety First!

Logistics-Food Team-Burn Prevention In Food Production Areas PHA

Logistics-Food Team-Chemical Safety In Food Production Areas PHA

Logistics-Food Team-Climbing Device Safety In Food Production Areas PHA

Logistics-Food Team-Cut Prevention In Food Production Areas PHA

Logistics-Food Team-Electrical Safety In Food Production Areas PHA

Logistics-Food Team-Environmental Safety Relative to Food Production Staff PHA

Logistics-Food Team-Fire Safety In Food Production Areas PHA

Logistics-Food Team-Fork Lift (FL) Use For Food Production

Logistics-Food Team-Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) Use For Food Production …

Logistics-Food Team-Providing Food and Beverage Production Water In Even…

Logistics-Food Team-Providing Food In Event Of Normal Supply Interruptio…

Logistics-Food Team-Providing Safe Food Supplies PHA

Logistics-Food Team-Slip Trip and Fall Prevention In Food Production Are…

Logistics-Food Team-Strain and Sprain Prevention In Food Production Area…

“Food for Thought” Newsletters:

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2016-10-29-food-for-thought-issue-16 Planning documents: ConOps and Run-of-Show


2016-12-22 Food For Thought Issue 18 – 12 Key Points

2017-01-27 Food For Thought Issue 19 – Arrival & Housing Info

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2017-07-13 Food For Thought 28 — Arrival days Welcome Wagon packet draft

2017-07-23 Food For Thought 29 — President of the United States Visit Issue