2019 Staff Dining Info


Staff members will dine in one of two Staff dining facilities. The first and larger one will be located in Base Camp Echo. This facility will serve all staff who reside in Base Camp E and all staff residing in Base Camps C, D and F. If you aren’t familiar with the Staff Dining complex in Base Camp Echo, simply look for the biggest tent in that camp, near to the bus stop, and you will have found this location. The second facility will be in Alpha and serve sub camps Alpha, Bravo and others as indicated by WSJ Leadership.

The Staff Dining facility in Echo will be open during the Jamboree daily for breakfast service from 5:00am to 10:00am and for dinner from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. The Staff Dining facility in Alpha will be open during the Jamboree daily for breakfast service from 5:00am to 9:00am and for dinner from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

Staff will find that all meals are buffet style and self-service. So, you don’t have to ask a server for a little more of this or not to give you that. Please be careful to use the intended serving spoon so as not to cross food from one serving dish into another. You will be welcomed to take all you want from the breakfast and dinner entrées, the fruit and salad bars, the dinner dessert bars and the beverage stations. Many meal services have multiple entrées offered. You should note as the service progresses some of these selections may be totally consumed based on popularity so it is suggested if you want the maximum selection you arrive early.

Lunch will be packaged by each staff member after breakfast. Staff will be offered a choice of protein items and then may select from a buffet of non-perishable items available at the Summit2Go lunch area of each Staff Dining facility. All staff will need to bring their DAILY LUNCH TICKET and their own re-useable sack to pack and carry their lunch.

Limited beverage service only (coffee, iced tea & water) will be available at the Staff Dining hall from 9:00am to 5:00pm. No food or beverages will be served from 9:00pm to 5:00am.

Before the Jamboree begins and after the Jamboree ends, any staff whose job requires them to be on site will be fed at the Staff Camp Dining complex in Echo. Meal service before and after the Jamboree will be limited and on a published schedule.

Finally, portions of each Staff Dining facility will be closed at various times throughout the day for cleaning.


Food team knows that most of the staff needs to work early to deliver the program to the Scouts or to return to their Base camps and Sub camps for assigned duties. Therefore, the Staff Dining halls will open for hot buffet breakfast business at 5:00 am for the early risers and will continue to serve full breakfast until 8:00am in Alpha and 9:00am in Echo. A chef’s choice late breakfast will be served thereafter until 9:00am in Alpha and 10:00am in Echo for those who have a day off.

Food Team will publish the daily Staff Dining menu online and it can be accessed via links at the Staff Dining facilities as well.


All staff members will be issued a set of tickets to assemble their own Summit2Go non-perishable, shelf stable lunch after breakfast. This World Jamboree style process will stage the lunch items in lines at the Summit2Go area of the Staff Dining facilities.

Staff will be offered a selection of certain protein items (quantity one may take will be indicated) and then a ‘take what you want’ buffet of associated lunch items. Staff members with tickets will package their own lunch in their own re-useable sack, selecting the items they desire and thereby minimizing waste while allowing those with high energy level jobs to take an adequate amount of food to get them through the day.

Lunch should be picked up immediately after breakfast each day and will be available until 9:00am, except on Staff Arrival and Transition Days when the hours are extended. Times are included on each day’s ticket.

Staff members are welcome to delegate the pick-up of their lunch to another fellow staff member by simply giving that staffer their ticket for that day and their lunch bag. Base camp and Sub camp staff who due to their duties regularly miss breakfast at one of the Staff Dining facilities, and thus can’t get their Summit2Go lunch, will be handled on an exception basis by contacting the Summit2Go lunch manager at 2019jamboreefood@gmail.com


Both Staff Dining facilities will have a single waiting line, commonly called the Staff Dining Queue. Staff will enter the Staff Dining complex near the end of the tent and the Queue will direct staff toward the serving areas. As staff near the serving stations, there will be a decision point where the Queue splits into multiple serving lines. This multi-line system offers staff the opportunity for greater food choices and reduced waiting time. The numerous serving line menu options will be posted along the Queue, so you may decide before reaching the point you must choose a serving line to enter. To give you a sense of what to expect, there will be several themed self-serve entrée lines. Each night there will be several options such as: (1) traditional dinner line, (2) a revolving themed dinner line, (3) a revolving fast food style line and (4) a specialty food line (Vegetarian and Vegan) with each line ending at its own evening salad bar station, followed by the dessert bars as you exit the serving area. Beverage stations are conveniently located throughout the seating area.


On Show nights (dinner at the Staff Dining halls will be served early from 4:00pm-6:00pm only.


In the event a Staff Team anticipates an area wide, job-essential conflict that precludes all members of the team from getting their meal at a Staff Dining facility (such as the Registration Team on Arrival Day or the Shows Team on Major Show Days), the Food Team will attempt to arrange special feeding. Such arrangements must be made by March 1, 2019 by contacting the Food Team leadership at 2019jamboreefood@gmail.com to discuss alternatives. Options available may include earlier or later breakfast or dinner time at the Staff Dining facility in Echo or, in unusual circumstances, delivery of a limited meal service selected from the staff dining meal being served that day.


As part of the Jamboree’s ongoing commitment to assist those whose diets are influenced by religious, medical or other personal beliefs and desires, the Staff Dining facilities will offer products that accommodate Kosher, Halal, Made without Gluten, Vegetarian and Vegan diets. There will be signs indicating the locations where Kosher and Made without Gluten meal kits may be picked up for those who indicated that dietary way during registration. Halal staff will find items that fit their diet are naturally part of the regular meal options and the fruit and salad bar offerings at the Staff Dining facilities in Echo and Alpha. The Jamboree Food Team will have liaison staff members who will gladly consult with staff members who have food allergy driven dietary ways, and others as well, to answer questions about any food item served (to include consultation with the Staff Dining Hall Chefs if needed).

All staff members who indicate a Kosher or Made-without-Gluten preference may pick up at the Staff Dining hall serving area a sealed box meal that meets their dietary restrictions. Each special meal Staff member will receive special identification authorizing the distribution of special meals. There also will be dedicated microwave ovens for staff to warm special meal components. Look for the separate serving line and the signs indicating where the microwave ovens are located.


Food Team will serve breakfast in the Staff Dining halls on Departure Day on the standard schedule of 5:00am-9:00am. Food Team recognizes that on Departure Day the Base camp and Sub camp staff may not have the time or want to go to the Staff Dining hall, knowing the need to work early to help with the participant departure process. Of course, those who wish to do so may, but as an alternative Food Team is offering delivery by 5:30 am to each Sub camp and each Base camp of prepackaged ‘to go’ meals for your location. To receive such a meal, a reservation must be submitted to the Food Team. Requests for these meals must be consolidated into a single submission from each Base Camp and delivered to Food Team by 5:00pm on Monday, July 22, 2019. Submissions may be sent electronically to: 2019jamboreefood@gmail.com


Many staff areas and teams will discover that the Staff Dining facilities in Echo and Alpha are great places to gather, formally or informally. We welcome you to use these facilities 24/7. To help us be prepare for larger gatherings, and so as not to conflict with scheduled events taking place throughout the Jamboree, Staff Dining areas need to be reserved. Requests should be sent to 2019jamboreefood@gmail.com outlining your estimated head count, date and time requested. The Staff Dining team will issue you a confirmation. During the WSJ these requests are frequent. To ensure you group is reserved early submissions are suggested.

Please note that the Staff Dining team is not permitted to provide any Catering for these events. Food, cakes, ice cream and any other desired items must be arranged through event catering.