2019 World Jamboree International Food Houses

The International Food Houses will be a major attraction at the 24th World Scout Jamboree.  Several NSOs from all over the world will gather to provide the tastes, aromas, culture and fellowship of their homelands with participants from around the world.  NSOs who are interested in participating in the International Food House Program should send an email to 2019jamboreefood@gmail.com to get on the monthly update email list. This webpage will serve as an ongoing resource for NSO Food House managers…and eventually their customers at the Jamboree.

While all the details are not yet finalized, those NSOs participating will be provided with procedures for what they can ship to the United States, the process to rent equipment they need to operate a food house, as well as arranging the local purchase of food & supplies for regular delivery.  The “Pitch” fee will include mandatory flooring, tents, and equipment to be compliant with all local regulations.  All of the equipment provided will be compatible with local utility connections so it will work without the need for special adapters.  The World Jamboree Planning Team is working diligently to ensure an NSO has everything necessary to begin setting up as soon as they arrive.

Fourth monthly update – February 7, 2018

The top news this month is that we have created an equipment rental price list to support the Food Houses  2019 WSJ Food House Equipment Price List . It is formatted as an Excel spreadsheet so you can add your own columns to run totals based on your own menu scenarios. For safety and maintenance reasons, it is Jamboree policy that ALL food service equipment that connects to the Summit water, sewer, electrical, or propane services MUST be rented from our designated provider. Pricing includes delivery, set-up, and pick-up. If you have other rental needs that are not on this list, send a note to 2019jamboreefood@gmail.com and we’ll find a price for it.

In other news, on most days of the Jamboree, your Food House can be open from 8am to 10pm. Available hours by day will be shared in April. I would anticipate the 7-10pm timeframe to be your busiest. We will coordinate the details with Security and Transportation.

Third monthly update – January 7, 2018

I apologize that this monthly update isn’t overflowing with more definitive information, but I thought I would at least update you on things we are working on…hopefully finalized in time for the Heads-of-Contingent meeting in April in West Virginia.

Application – Right now we remain in a site-centered information generation mode. Soon we will issue a Food House Application to NSOs. This step will seek information regarding your plans so we can come back to you with specific costs and alternatives. The application will also ask you to agree to the Jamboree’s exhibitor policies.

Fees – The basic minimum Food House fee to NSOs will include the costs of building out the utility support in the all-inclusive Food House area on Action Point at the Summit (water, sewer, and electricity). Your NSOs fee will be based on the total square feet your Food House plans to occupy (storage, cooking, cleaning, serving, seating, stages, etc.). Note: you will be provided your own propane tank and refills as needed at our contracted price for what you use.

Shipping – The 24th World Jamboree Logistics folks are building plans for the receipt of shipments at our site in West Virginia from various NSOs. We anticipate being able to outline those plans at the Heads-of-Contingent meeting in April. Key among the items we are exploring is where sea containers will be positioned and how they will be unloaded and the cargo distributed to where it is needed.

Tents & Floors – A key requirement from the West Virginia Health Department is that every Food House shall include a covered kitchen and serving area with a durable, cleanable solid floor. We are gathering that pricing. If you choose to bring your own tents and/or flooring, we cannot guarantee it will pass the health inspection, and may not have the ability to source it for you at that late hour.

Kitchen Equipment – The equipment we are most concerned about is anything that needs to connect to our electrical, water, sewer, or propane services. In April, we will provide you with a price list for renting equipment that we will source, install, and service, as well as remove from the site afterward. Small wares like pots and spoons can also be rented, or shipped to West Virginia via pallets or sea containers. If you do ship connected equipment, we will provide you with certified installers and you will pay them for all services. Again, if it doesn’t pass a health inspection, getting a replacement may not happen.

Food & Supplies – You may NOT use your own supply of food, spices, cleaning chemicals, or paper goods at the Jamboree. Once you have submitted your application with your menu, we will provide you with a source for anything you need at our contracted pricing. Those supplies will be delivered to your Food House.

Credit Cards & Cash – Everything will be priced and sold in US dollars. We will have the ability to provide you with many services, like: cash for change, depository services for your excess cash, secured overnight storage for your operating cash, credit card machines, and even facilitate your payments for goods & services. I do not expect these details to be available until August 2018. We will not provide any sort of point-of-sale system. Wifi and cellular service is very good at the Summit. Details will come later.

Security – Although Jamboree Security Staff will patrol the area, YOU are responsible for your own internal security during the Food House operating hours. From closing to opening, the Jamboree will be responsible for overnight security of the area. NO overnight sleeping in your Food House area, NONE 😊

Safety – The Jamboree Food Team will provide you with some basic safety guidelines. You will train your own staff from those guidelines. The health inspectors will be observing your compliance with the guidelines. Fire suppression equipment will be include with your rental equipment as required. If you bring your own equipment, you must be compliant with US and West Virginia fire safety regulations.

Garbage – We will issue you an appropriate number of containers and plastic liners. We will advise you as to what can be recycled (Note: It’s not as many items in the US as in other parts of the world). We will have larger dumpsters in the area for you to place your trash and recycling.

Seating – You are welcome to format your Food House with a seating area or not. We will have some general seating areas and our onsite Food staff will coordinate with all of the Food Houses to keep the common seating areas free of trash and the tables clean.

Staffing – The Jamboree Planning Team will have a very small crew available to support Food Houses, largely to facilitate any needs you’ve pre-ordered, and making sure common areas and basic utilities are functional. You will need to staff ALL management, cooking, cleaning, sales, and service functions. I have asked Jamboree management if your staff will need to register as IST and how that would be done. More news soon.

Program – You are welcome to run entertaining program within your designated Food House footprint. We will ask you to outline that in the application. ALL program is subject to immediate cessation by Jamboree management at anytime for any reason.

Pricing – There will be some menu items and pricing that will be standardized. Reasons included better pricing, simplified logistics, and consistent customer service. A good example would be soda. We will have Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper deals in place. Those details will be shared later.

Second monthly update – December 7, 2017

Here are some notes from the last month:

  • We have created a webpage for the International Food Houses at http://jamboreefoodteam.org/international-food-houses/ . For the next several months this will be used to compile information for potential food house managers. A few months before the Jamboree we will change it to become a marketing tool for promoting the food houses to Jamboree participants, IST, and visitors.
  • We continue to work on some site issues that are key to providing you with important info for your planning: costs for adding  adequate sewer & electrical support, as well as the logistics of any material you would like to ship to the site.
  • An update to the request by some NSO’s to allow food house managers to sleep in their food house for security reasons: the United States Food & Drug Administration Food Code 6-202.112 Living or Sleeping Quarters, Separation. Living or sleeping quarters located on the PREMISES of a FOOD ESTABLISHMENT such as those provided for lodging registration clerks or resident managers shall be separated from rooms and areas used for FOOD ESTABLISHMENT operations by complete partitioning and solid self-closing doors. I would interpret that as a solid NO SLEEPING IN the food houses (also given that there are NOT any residential bathrooms/showerhouses in the area where food houses are planned). I will work with the Jamboree Security Team to make sure regular patrols are conducted, much like we in the BSA do for our various retail functions at our National Jamborees.
  • Two action items for you:
    • #1 – For your NSO’s possible food house, please REPLY with an estimate of the amount of square feet (or meters) you would like to use. If possible, break it down into what space is needed for kitchen/serving AND then seating. This will help us know if we are on track to set aside enough space at the site.
    • #2 – For your NSO’s possible food house, please REPLY with your preference of having your food house in an area with the other food houses OR having your food house in its own unique location not next to other food houses.

First monthly update – November 7, 2017

Greetings 2019 World Jamboree International Food House Inquirers!

First, thank you for your interest in the 2019 World Jamboree. Second, thank you for your patience as the Jamboree administration works through the issues related to Food House operations.

It is my intention to send you a Food House update on or about the 7th of each month. This is the first of those updates:

  • Food Houses must be sponsored/approved by a participating National Scout Organization. An application package is under development for submitting to the World Jamboree Food Team. Themes, decorations, menus, and any activities must be approved by the Jamboree Food Team prior to the Jamboree.
  • The Summit sits in hilly terrain. Although quite picturesque, we are faced with challenges to allocate “flat space” to many activities. Food Houses have been given a spot, but it may limit the number and footprint of the Food Houses available. This issue is also impacting the decision on what NSO’s can ship to the site, where it will be staged, and how contents will be moved across the site. Non-Jamboree vehicles or deliveries will likely not be authorized.
  • The Summit also has some minor limitations on electrical service, water lines, and sewer lines. Those issues will also affect the number and scope of Food House operations.
  • ALL Food Houses will have to apply for a West Virginia food-service permit AND be subject to regular inspections by government officials. I have included a link below that will help you understand  some of the requirements. We will advise you as to when and how to submit your permit at a later date. http://www.wvdhhr.org/phs/forms/SF-4%20Guidelines%20for%20operating%20a%20tempfood%20establishment%20booklet%20-%20revised.pdf
  • There will be a fee required from each Food House to cover your space allocation, any required health department compliant flooring, and other common costs. The Jamboree does not plan to take a percentage of your sales.
  • In 2018, we will publish some fixed pricing requirements on some packaged items, as well as price ranges for similar items.
  • We will designate an equipment rental company that you MUST rent any items that generate heat, create refrigeration, and/or require connection to our electrical, water, and/or sewer systems. Many other items can be rented from the same company. Those fees will include set-up, service, and removal. We will provide a list with prices in January. Payment terms will be announced in 2018.
  • We will designate a food supplier that you MUST purchase any items that will be consumed at the Jamboree site. We will work with each Food House to build your list of items needed. Payment terms will be announced in 2018.
  • We will designate a propane supplier that you MUST purchase any gas to support any equipment requiring it.
  • Our best estimate regarding the calendar would be: Set-up can commence on July 18; Sales can run between July 20 to August 1. The daily operating hours have not been finalized and will depend on the programs planned each day.
  • Some have you have asked about sleeping in your Food House to provide security. I have submitted that issue to Jamboree leadership. More news later.
  • Although we do not plan to provide any sort of point-of-sale support, we are evaluating some options to provide support for cash/change and credit cards, plus perhaps depository services. More news in 2018.
  • We will not require any in-person meetings prior to the Jamboree, but if your contingent includes you in the Heads-of-Contingents’ meetings in April 2018 and April 2019, we will certainly be available to work with you.
  • We are working on a Food House Manager Checklist to help less experienced Food House teams be prepared for a great Jamboree!
  • By January, we will also have a webpage that we will post all of the Food House info for ease of access.​​​​​


Rick Diles, CCM |  Team Lead – Food

The next update will be posted on January 7th