Retail Food Stands & Catering

Click here to see the 2017 Jamboree Snack Bar Menus with prices and location name

This page was updated on June 1 with Ice Cream Catering Added. Snack Bar Menus were added on June 7. See below.

There will be several opportunities for participants, staff, and visitors to purchase food on site. Food Team has developed a plan for retail food locations combined with numerous mobile pop-up tent snack bars. We will have many retail food locations running simultaneously during the Jamboree to accommodate the desires of the visitors, participants and staff. All provision of food for sale is ultimately handled by the Compass Group, our food purveyor, with serving and sales assistance from BSA volunteers of the Jamboree Food Team’s Retail Food areas.


There will be several retail food concession stands located in the Summit Center area. These stands will be located at Action Point, Gateway, and Legacy and these are the principal places that visitors may secure a meal while on site. There also will be a snack bar or pop-up snack bar tents located at the Oasis as well. The plan is to vary the food offerings at each snack bar location so you won’t find the same thing at each place and might want to shop around for what you would like to eat.

2017 Jamboree Snack Bar Menus with prices and location name

This approach of having different menu options at different locations not only provides extensive variety but also allows for some stands to have larger serving capacity while others to provide greater options that might have broader appeal to the staff and visitors. The stands in Summit Center and at the Oasis will operate daily with hours that vary by location and based on the daily events, with Gateway opening earliest on visitor days.


There are two primary forms of catering that will be available during the Jamboree. These are catered events and catered meals at the Summit Center Reception Tents.

The area where catering will take place is in the Summit Center. There will be a World Jamboree-like reception area where groups can schedule receptions. Visitor Control will be in charge of the scheduling. Anyone interested in making a reservation for space should contact Visitor Control directly. Once your reservation is secured, you will have an opportunity to order in advance of the Jamboree a variety of prepared meals from a defined menu of items offered by the food purveyor 2017 Jamboree Catering Menu. The website with the listing of all items available to order may be accessed after May 15th at:

All orders must be placed with 48 hours advance notice via the online ordering system that has been established. The cost for these meals will be charged to the applicable program or service group budget. Members of the Retail Food Catering team will help stage the food at these events, supported by the food purveyor who will prepare all meals. Use of the reception areas must be coordinated at least 48 hours in advance. The menu options for all your reception needs is handled via online pre-ordering in advance of the Jamboree. The menu options will be more extensive for orders placed in advance of the Jamboree. The menu options for orders placed during the Jamboree will be more limited, more expensive and will require a minimum of 48 hours advance arrangement.

One other catered opportunity is a special lunch buffet. If you do not need to conduct a program and just want to have a quiet place for a few people to get a great sit-down lunch before returning to the Jamboree excitement, we offer the Legacy Lunch Buffet. This event will have open seating in one of the Reception Tent in the Legacy Village from 11:00am-2:00pm. This option is available by advance purchase only so we have an accurate count for food preparation. The buffet will feature two “salad of the day” options, a variety of mini sandwiches, two daily entrée selections (including a vegetarian option) served with matching sides, plus assorted dessert and beverage selections. To purchase tickets, go to .

We have added an option for HQ tents to offer frozen novelties to their guests. To learn more click here: Ice Cream Catering 

We have also added an option for BBQ Special Catering


Catering assistance during the Jamboree can be found by calling (304) 465-2907. This line will be staffed by the food purveyor company employees.


Though there will not be a permanent snack bar in the participant Base camps, there will be strategically positioned pop-up tents in the Base camps at times during the Jamboree. Watch for these especially during the Base Camp Bash events on certain evenings of the Jamboree.


With so many staff located and tenting in a single location, there will be a special snack bar in staff camp affectionately known as the “Chat ‘n Chew”. By design its team will be giving staff the chance to replicate some of the optional quality of life items they may have at home. From Starbucks® coffee to go in the morning to a homemade meal at dusk, this venue will try to temper the wilds of The Summit for those on staff. The offerings and environment will differ more than a little from the other snack bar locations and we think it will be worth your while to check it out. Attempting to describe it further could never do justice, so just stop in to see what’s happening there.


Space is also available at the Chat ‘n Chew for recognition events and other group gatherings with retail food support.  The Chat ‘n Chew can handle groups of varying sizes. There are many food options available at different price points (from a steak dinner to an ice-cream social).  If you are interested in requesting information, pricing and determining availability for your party send your name, phone number, estimated head count, date, time and desired food plan to .


Pop-ups are the Food Team’s mobile snack bar fleet. These small tents will be set up at strategic locations where participants, staff and visitors alike may be most concentrated and desiring of a quick snack. The locations can and will change. We support the Garden Ground Mountain hike with pop-ups at the top and it will be a safe bet that a few pop-ups will be found at the arena during the big shows. Though we have a good idea where others will be situated on any given day, everyone will just have to watch for them to “pop-up”. One perspective on the pop-up menu offerings is that we are conscious to provide appropriate selections based on the location we are serving, so if we pop-up in the Adventure Areas (i.e., The Park, The Bows, The Barrels, The Rocks, and Garden Ground Mountain) we will offer a nutritious selection by comparison to what we might have as our selection if we pop-up in a Base camp during the evening of the road show.